Advice Before Buy Digital Signs For Churches

Buy Church LED signs

I am about you to give you a piece of advice that will see you get an intelligent makeover of your church. The advice is buy church led signs! Church led lights will change the manner in which the church passes information. Digital Signs For Churches change the effectiveness and efficiency of the way the church presents itself and information to its members.

Digital Signs For Churches

Show me one person who can manage to ignore the color and glamor of Digital Signs For Churches? Maybe one in every one hundred persons, which is very unlikely, could be none. Church led signs are so interesting and exciting to ignore. Now that is how you capture the attention of the non-members on the current church affairs. Initially, they did not show any interest in anything to do with the church but now? They might just get a reason to step foot in your church. They have seen there is a chance for redemption. You always presented the chances but in a not very effective way.

Our list of Digital Signs For Churches

Here is our range of digital church led lights that will transform the congregations and even strangers perspective of the church. The church messages will now have a much larger audience. These digital church led signs could double the audience which translates to the same effect on the size of the congregation.

  • Tri-color LED signs
  • Medium resolution LED signs
  • High resolution LED signs
  1. Tri-color Digital Signs For Churches

Deep inside you are feeling you need a church makeover by using the church led signs, but you think you cannot afford it. Just relax and know these signs are not out of your reach. The Tri-color LED lights offer you a chance to upgrade the visibility of your church at an affordable price.

The design of the Tri -color LED signs is basic. It doesn’t require programming. At some inches away you can control the sign using a remote. Not programmable but serves the purpose.

Tri-color LED signs are a less costly way to test the waters. You do not require testing the waters as we guarantee satisfaction.

Highlighted features

  • Easy to use (remote controllable)
  • Offers basic effects at an affordable price
  • Low power consumption
  • Waterproof
  1. Medium resolution Digital Signs For Churches

For a better resolution, the Tri-color LED signs will not work. In the urban areas especially there is too much light that you will need a more fascinating presentation. A normal sign board can be enough? If you think so, then do not ask why even visitors to your church can pass by and head the wrong way.

The medium resolution LED lights are fully programmable. Think of changing the Bible verse on a daily basis. The Tri-color LED church signs will do that for you. The medium resolution LED signs are capable of presenting different messages each day. For example, do you have a call for the general public to embrace Christ and come for salvation? Posters might do but not a good as a medium resolution church led signs.

Highlighted features

  • 16mm resolution
  • Visible from more than 50 feet away
  • Much more versatility
  • Takes in more details
  1. High resolution Digital Signs For Churches

Is your church located on the side of the highway? Or an environment with other businesses using High resolution LED signals? You will also need a high resolution LED sign. We are talking about SMD and DIP module led signs.

SMD has a smaller pixel hence have softer images while DIP has great images. Remember we are referring to high resolution church LED signs so great means quite amazing images. Giving the facts as they are DIP are cheaper and more weather resistant, SMD gives better quality images. You will have to weigh your options here.

With high resolution church LED signs people in fast moving traffic will still get to read you messages from 60 feet away. These signs are on the premium side, but you will totally love the effects they will have.

Highlighted features

  • Versatile
  • Visible from 60 feet away and in fast moving traffic
  • Weather resistant
  • Excellent image quality


Buy church led lights from us. We have excellent customer service and guarantee you satisfaction. Our 5-year warranty is an icing on the cake. Clearly, you can see that the range of our church led signs covers a whole range of prices and function ability. We will deliver to you the digital led church sign of your liking at a budget friendly price according to your capability.

It doesn’t matter what you thought before of buy Digital Signs For Churches, as you can see they are an incredible tool to increase the visibility of your church. They also present your church in the best possible way, and if it is about winning souls for Christ, you will do it.


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